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In 2011 a group of registered private higher education institutions formed a voluntary association to provide a working platform for addressing common needs and interests including the promotion of a level and conducive operating environment in higher education in South Africa, increasing understanding of the private higher education community within the overall education sector and participating in all processes that will influence the development of the sector. This body was known as the Private Higher Education Interest Group.

In 2016 it was agreed to formalise the association and thus in January 2017 the SA Private Higher Education (SAPHE) association was formed. SAPHE builds on the aims and objectives of the original interest group to provide a strong, focused and coordinated voice to represent accurately the specific position of private higher education providers in terms of legislation, regulation, compliance requirements and operating conditions that can either hinder or facilitate the development of a strong private higher education sector in the country.

Private higher education can add significantly to the provision of skills and educated citizens, but to do this most effectively it needs to act collectively in some instances.


The following key principles which underpinned the creation of PHEIG remain the focus of SAPHE:

  • Voluntary association
  • Ethical conduct
  • Quality promotion
  • Transparency, accountability and democracy
  • Cooperation


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A voluntary Association of Private Higher Education Providers

Working together to enhance the reputation of private higher education


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Purpose and Objectives

The Purpose of SAPHE is to:

  • Create a platform to facilitate a basis for sharing common ideas and strategies in the interest of PHE
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to promote the role and interest of PHE in SA
  • Develop a network of support and alignment with regulatory authorities and business to facilitate the continuous role of PHE
  • Influence statutory and other regulatory processes to enhance the position and role of PHE
  • Engage and develop the relationship with USAF to contribute to the development of practical collaboration initiatives with Public HE in the interest of a productive HE system in SA
  • Support the development of the capacity of PHE to grow its role and impact in SA and beyond


The Objectives of the Association are to:

Promote the standing of private higher education in South Africa through facilitating collaboration amongst higher education institutions

Carry out advocacy tasks and speak on behalf of the members in order to advance the role and position of Higher Education

Collaborate on issues of regulation and quality assurance to enhance compliance and the growth of impact of Private Higher Education institutions

Provide value added services such as capacity building to strengthen the position and role of Private Higher Education institutions

Facilitate effective dialogue amongst and between institutions, regulators and civil society on issues affecting higher education

Influence and contribute to policy positions and discussions to impact the relevance and condusiveness of regulatory environment for Private Higher Education

Commission research as may be appropriate from time to time to support the above Objectives.

Broaden the base of active participation of Private Higher Education institutions in the development of the sector in South Africa


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